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You Can't Take My Door

Sir your vedio make me very confident while speaking english.I had the thought that these shapes must mean something because throughout my life I would draw them when scribbling on papper.However since English is a very simplistic language the plurality of the word "praise" is not apparent, much like the word "you' can be either singular or plural but in Hebrew this is always clear.Sound like Alcest.Any normal people Doing this?

Your such a beautiful person inside and I see a wonderful light in your eyes that tells me God is most definitely working through you.Thank u for u help the students.Place looks a a Bond villians evil lair with all his non chalant henchmen just going about there dutys.I am a native English Speaker - I am South African and I'm really shocked that I use words such as pronunciation, notatall, blacoffee cause you 100% correct.

We are here to Work.

We are here to Work.

3 minutes of them?May Allah help us to learn.I pronounce debt as dep too.What a great artist!He believed in Reincarnation.MEDIOCRE minds in position of authority are the most dangerous thing to humanity there is.To the idiots who take the title and assume it is a Dan brown book you must be a fuckin simpleton.I'm definitely not stressing no Coronavirus not even a thought on my mind.Must authorize google to get my files or go to Microsoft store or do a conversion to another unopenable file.My band played this at the Orlando music festival last year.

I practice your method and

I practice your method and

Even though I try to make these easy looking things they come out looking like death.25 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.Zak is a weird name I’m called Zak.Please also make the video on teaching aids and teaching and management of learning and teaching as soon as possible.Here comes the flame wars!Was Fokker with the G.Suspecting that dementia is more common an issue than professionals care to admit, as evidenced by a president with obvious dementia.

You have no

You have no

Play LOUD and on Repeat.Shi" is the word for 4, and also the word for death.The music is very awful and interrupting!I’m french and don’t even know the word tileul.How about societies that have never allowed for slavery?You are great thecher.Italians don’t have spaghetti and meatballs.Sir u have greatt explanation.Why here is no cubic is "kubek"?

But he is very rude and they should hang up on him.Electricpants do a 30 city tour in Poland including rogono (later Rainbowgrad) by 6302020.Even after all these years.It doesn't show an aggresiveness to change.Only watched one or two of his fights and looking forward to seeing more.Good morning mam.Peace Blessings.Because everytime I convince myself that I dont need this or that for me to be happy, I get some peace of mind for a while but not long after I start chasing after the closest thing that could excite me again.For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream.

Third movement has always been one of my favorite pieces of music ever.Been through major transformations and only now, in my mid 60s, feel like I know what I'm here for and what all that trauma and angst has been leading up to, and it's about focusing on others rather than myself.The perfect storm was set in motion this week politically, as to in another area a perfect storm took place.I cant understand how anyone could give this a thumbs down!He looks like LIAM PAYNE.While i'm being batter from all sides with fire signs going crazy with their fighting over stupid things.Salaam alaykum akhi.22:13 The Lion Is Back.

From the God in me, to the God

From the God in me, to the God

The fantasies teaches them there is evil in the world.I am a native English speaker and I pronounce all of these words correctly.Cook cuisines from different nations,Greek, Indian,Chinese etc.The versace one is wrong.I was praying that Iceland would show up(Gotta love them Hetalia fans eh?This is the worst channel on youtube.

Ali sait Sadikoglu

Very cool! Thank you!

Tsering Gurung

Excellent teaching thanks.

Johnni Hendrix

Sounds just like Ausar, Auset, being the son and daughter of Nut and Geb of the Egyptian Science.

Floyd Moore

hmm...this was helpful :)

Asmaa Khan

Asma here. Please make a lecture on Precis.

Santosh Kumar

AAP tik Tok par ho na

Swarnali Nag

Look! I found my penI saw that pen in a shopI watched, how she was using the pen.

SleeplessKnights 1

Bob Ross of English

Safet Hamzagic

When I moved to the USA in 98gas prices where about one dollar a gallon...silver was 4 dollars an gasoline is $3 on average silver is 14.....if you saved in dollars you lost purchasing power...if you saved in silver you gain purchasing power

Mix things

eventually I knew this mistake , thank you

cookie monster

I got tiger and I was born in the year of tigers so it makes since

Angeline Joyce Nakano

Amen  Halelujah!

Abhijit Dutta TV

Good informative video Sir it helped a lot

edward wigmore

Rob brydon once sat in on ken bruce's radio show and no one realised it wasn't 'the bruce' himself.

Amy Bollana

I was just thinking yesterday that I need to improve my block lettering!

Zakaria Ismail

it is fantastic, i get it .


please link on picture

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