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What is SJW? SJW meaning and definition explained

Wait til he finds out about "Deadass".U made my life happier thank u very much give us more vedios as u can.Like did they miss that day in class?Sir no sooner when we use pls chrpandi sirr.Fuck me sideways.I shared a room with my sister until I left the family house it was very frequent uo to the 80's or 90's in my country.PbDwaipayan Datta Roy.Perfect teacher!

Regarding the Saxons, they come from

Regarding the Saxons, they come from

Every once in a while, instead of that smarmy ass "MUST be this tall!To nasz Polak a kocha go cay wiat.Get to the fucking point!Hope to see more interesting ones from you.Unintentional ASMR.We are not like the swine's that eat, defecate, and procreate (but yet, this is considered the things necessary for survival).If you had mentioned all the forms for vocbs then that would be more helpful.Do you mind letting me know the artists behind this video?I wish I could play my Clarinet like that.

Kon kon class 11 Ke CS student hai

Kon kon class 11 Ke CS student hai

2: I remember starting my spiritual journey and I broke up with my lady at the time.I ask a girl that ive dating for 1 week i ask her yesterday if i would be her boyfriend?I do want to give praise on a great video.I’m definitely a 6 sometimes being the nurture and loving family person who takes charge is so stressful and heartbreaking but it’s just like I have no choice.These ridiculous notions about the painting, any good artist of those times used the Golden section, sometimes even unconsciously to express beauty, the golden section is based on the phi ratio and expressed in lengths within a pentacle so it is no wonder.

Any dubba vishon?

Any dubba vishon?

But though he may be a serial killer, still it is possible to reshape his mind states to more wise structure.One of the most useless time consuming NOT teaching videos.Your channel is becoming one of my favorites.The teacher replied i did that intentionally to teach u a lesson.I can t pronounce crisps.Our atmosphere has enough oxygen to sustain life.This is a really good video!I mean, in vaporwave songs.

You should give example on homophones mam.PbCrocodilo Dundee.Coming from the party that fought a war to keep slavery legal likes killing babies.This gave me goosebumps, please make more videos.This roommate would be loud and obnoxious while I was trying to do work.My currency would be pizzas.My Turks My Shaman.LOVE it Wish my dad was alive to hear it.


No lollygagging

Punctual Bunny

I could listen to you all day. Btw I'm an aries rising

Ramesh Kumaran

On a beach taking sun bath.

Anang Tadar

Man... I like all of your videos. Very very helpful.

Euphoria IJK


I'm a pigeon

A moron of karens

Quicksand Hoops

Butler: He was a quiet man, an artist...Me:

Somesh Choudhary

Congratulations chandan sir1 lakh subscriber thanks a lot sir


This is the implication of both teleportation and time travel...they simply create derivative reality...


These videos have been gold in this election cycle

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Ryan Carl

Why do I feel so attacked lol

Listen Music

The dancing is very beautiful -- wow.

Lemlem Tafere

I live in in the United States in my neighborhood my church we speak Amharic

kamal raza

Excellent work done.

Animan 86753

If anyone is watching this on a TV and has suround soundI highly it recommend this is amazing

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