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But you can build a house, madness, I love it.I am very high on having self respect!Just before exam time (30 days and less) it might downgrade your productivity.I saw them once in Oregon :) it was just a flash of color but I saw them nonetheless.3 bucket list items in one.

No wonder I'm enjoying writing.1:59 Why is Pyrocynical in this video?Can u tell me that what is the difference between by,beside,next to?PbMahabub Rahman.The "voice" part of this video makes no sense: women like voices that belong to men with certain physical features, and vice versa?Im lost here because I cant see what your going to use this info for, what are you building with it.This makes me think about the book "Flatland" used by Sagan to illustrate a similar point.

I literally like ur videos sir.Very useful, i will apply this method into my learning.Sir please daily editorial pdha dijiye please paper hone wale hai sir please please please mai din mein kai baardekhti hoon ki sir ka editorial video aya ki nhi please sir even i share yr video with my many friends.But after I left they started a cafe.I have a problem.PbIntermezzo Classics.

Amer kace Koran sitey balolage.Amazing audio book.Tnx vaia onk valo laglo Video Ta.That's because the UN is not a power to begin with.Could you make more videos similar to this?Fuck off adverts in the middle of Luciano.I love his answering spam stories his story about how he pranked his roommates.Best leverage site please?Would you let me finish my excuse for a word salad filled with big boy words?

Take any present moment in space.But now I back to Brazil.Can we simply say?I known since I was a child that God was directing me in my life and I have followed and he has always blessed me abundantly for it.Look what happened in Iraq after the fall of Saddam.Best music video of all time.

The sad part is, the coolest and most forward thinking designs were on the side of a mad man who wanted to live forever.Why did you leave me alone here.The following is completely irrelevant to the video and I just needed to ventFuck the fucking robots in fortnite fuck fuck fucking hell in the shit hole fuuuuuuuckk.You're confusing your BATNA with your options within the negotiation.My hands are sooo clean!Although now I am a Arts student B.

They are characteristics of 1.Wes was one of the best!Does someone please know the name of the narrator?Thank you for setting the record straight.How about doing a video on Plasma Cosmology?French and British fur traders were there long before.This video gives a great great explanation on atomic structure and subatomic Particles.Am I imagining or do i spot the Voces8 bass singer in this group?Bwaaahhhhhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhaha breath hahahahhahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaahhahahahhahaaaaaaahahahhahahahahhahahaaaaa breath hahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahah.I'd love to see an "Origin and History of.

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Garbage! You didn't even talk about the main energy, Which is your sexual energy. Retain your sexual energy and power awaits. Connect with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ!

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what guarantee not attacked? we should communicate,and i am not inside yet

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Just how many millions of people were murdered by these religious as they spread their word of god? We know millions upon millions of non-believers were executed, we know millions of Pagans were slaughtered by these spreaders of God's word! The murder has never stopped, not from the day it began, and the lies we all hear from the religious, with their claims that mankind was horrible, savage, and inhumane before religion? Rubbish, we know of and can see some of the worlds greatest people living in Ancient times. There were thriving societies of everyday people, living their lives, without any of this thing called religion, that is solely based on authority.I do find It fascinating how any grown adult can actually give any credence to any religion these days? I mean, I understand why people used to believe? As we humans strived to explain our own existence. It was one way to explain it many years ago, but to still believe? Is actually laughable, as we know for sure exactly how the Earth was created (God created earth) ...Umm hello. No, God didn't! Then they'll all say (God created mankind?) again we know he didn't. Taking those two things alone, categorically proves beyond any doubt, that all religion Is a farce. The religious are a special kind of disturbed human, they don't want to believe that when we die, we do die. They want to believe they're off to some glorious palace in the sky to lounge around being fed grapes listening to an angel strumming a Harp or something as bizarre.


So fascinating! I had no idea that this was a part of American history

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I don't think you can suggest that radio silence from China means that their infections have slowed. They're literally not reporting them because they have very limited test kits and are so overwhelmed that it's absolutely impossible to speculate on how many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Chinese are actually infected. Wuhan was not properly contained because half the people left to avoid the quarantine before it started.

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