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Rick James and Teena Marie Fire and Desire Live

May Almighty God Bless u.Dont even comment is it good or bad, just observe it.Thank you so much madam.This video because it's goanimate bullshit!Who’s on the keys?Last one very very supper.

If you have

If you have

Taking the sats soon pray for me.And to pool their resources together to purchasea suitable tract of landto facilitate pool their resources together - to purchase a suitable tracked of land to facilitatethe propagation of adequate food and sheltering materials suppliesfor a self-sufficient "free of charge" Village population maintained and governed by its ownvillage - population.Who would ever do that and why would anyone ever expect anyone would.Thank you so much Sr.This was a great video.Krishna baru andBaru Ram.Him: "How was your ride home from the bar?I saw you with piper and sophie.Question : who was drunk?So while skin color matters in the Arab world, it doesn't matter as much as ancestry.

I live here also.Ata Have you any work with me?Paganism is not a religion, it’s s path.What do edge points do?This is wrong cause my school is playing this now and I'm 1st horn and there are some left out parts on here.It's more than an idea, its physical and real.

Even if you decide to just once a week have a vegan meal, that saves lots of resources., but my biggest desire is always around loveromance as if my entire existence is to love a man and be a good wife.22,thanks for this immersive video.Apnavidiyomat band kariyega.Excellent sir I understand all that you explain.Sir thank u for uploading this video apne jaise cloud computing samjhya hai ise video me.Sir letters or application k video bhi upload karo.That devices belong to a real lab buddy.Pavitra epic lockey Thor ka bhai.Dioffiiifgkkouygvj.

This song has brought out a million feelings

This song has brought out a million feelings

Am all about self improvement bayBEE.THERE IS A STRAWBERRY FANTA!Excelente video!Thus Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, sant parampra like Kabir, Ravidas etc were born without any conflict.Please moje b add karna whatsapp group ma 00966599301651.Sort of like morse code.No words for your teaching methods.


Hi from Russia

Lollie N. Marcelin

Had me at first word very very powerful so glad something told me to click on this

Daniel Jackson

One thing about the last statement: there are people who do understand our limitations. They frequently have jobs to exploit them to manipulate us (usually get our money). They’re very talented and all of the biggest, successful companies hire them to do exactly that. And any company who tried to be honest and fair does so at their peril. Just ask JC Penny’s.

Sheila Reynolds

they worship pagan gods ie, molech

Beumadine Sweevy

GLEN BECK SHOWED'9th Edit' on his show, almost a decade ago!! Sure wish ppl would get up USE THEIR VOUCES TO CLEARLY SHOW We The People ARE AWAKE, WANT THE ARROGANT LAWLESS-NESS TO STOP! We are MANY! TIME IS NOW, to BE TENACIOUS. "They" ARE NOT 'PLAYING', folks! LORI: Thx for prayers also for helping So Many of us remain Aware, SO WE KNOW who to Contact Why!!


Damn, I didn't know I needed a melon cake. Gosh.

Tahreem Akram

Thank you so much this video really help me

Sanam Riaz

I will try to speak English but I do many spelling mistake when I write any sentence...

Candy Lee

thank you for sharing.

Rupali Rastogi

thanks Sir

Umar Farook

kya trika he shikhane ka i like you sir

Rabin shrestha

He is going to school.They are playing.I was working.He has eaten an apple.We will come tomorrow.She can speak french. You must come in time.

Pedro Urquijo Rodrigo

It's always such a pleasure to watch your videos. And I always learn new vocabulary, and improve my knowledge of the British culture. Thank you so much Mr. Duncan!

Jai Cauhan

Mam please tell me playful ka MATLAB

DreamComes True

Osmm sirr

Rakhi Birajdar

Awesome video sir ...if possible, upload Alphabate accent of British English...

Michelle Richards

You have inspired me to increase my awareness! Thank you! Keep on being awesome!! flipittotestit

FGV Cosmic

For 1/0, can't you use the "-" sign?

Tarle Speech Language Services - English Pronunciation

Faridhabib99 Thanks:)

rohit goyal

thnku mam


That was great, thank you! I love this channel!

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