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Largely in the name of a double-standard of sensitivity.Mantioned it's ok.Of course it's not a perfect system, but that should be clear since humans are not perfect, and there are still moral dilemmas that are very difficult.It's this combination between knowledge and pleasure that you should be after.So my question is this, what "understanding" of our universe has been polluted by our environment?Did you notice my new phones.

For younger children, this is especially important as it is more concrete as opposed to an abstract concept such as 7 times 3.Damn Zeno must be high af thinking of something like this lol.I thought of Manchester and surgeon before they did mind meld.Sir u r so funny.Since the earth is spining will my helicopter reach the other side of the earth.I'm sorry, but it was just too much cringe.Always concise, clear talking - not unnecessary "fillings" and right on spot on every subject!

Sir lage rahiye aapko pata nhi hai

Sir lage rahiye aapko pata nhi hai

You exchange the real, genuine you for a monkey that mimics others all the time.The training for solid defense using your arm.Thank you so much for this video.Wait, aren't they no longer unsung heroes the second he sang about them?To my view, you had tons of experience on wedding.The music will out live the theology.I saw a wonderful ballet recital.

Nice to see some familiar

Nice to see some familiar

Bachelorette- damsel, spinster.When you are aligned with love and the divine, that's what you get.Who is watching this in 2020?Band: "we should at least plug in the keyboard"Director "NO WIRES!Taking on wealthy Democratic Elites is not working.3:55 well that didn’t age well.

Could I repeat the whole sentence, as in

Could I repeat the whole sentence, as in

Notice how he slides around it and changes D Fitzgerald’s argument.So I am sorry to say this man speaking here is full of it.(On a scooter)Me: "I lived.Could it be that this Indian music he made is just for Indians?The Artists Way.Hey sad fact grumpy cat died.This narrator is a rectum sucker servant of the the elite, ignore "him"You have eternal meaning.I love her thank u so much.

It's hard to focus on listening to her she is so beautiful.I'm confused, sorry.Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.Thanks for the video.Remember Flight MH17Remember Dawn Sturgess Russia is not your friend.Vital to context and triangulation for verification and historical accuracy.An impressive speech on republic day,sir please add this earlier.Jo hm bolty hn i dont remember its mean they are wrong.Keeping your eye simple and learning to be content with what you have and knowing that God will provide for your NEEDS is the secret to happiness.


Please invite Sadhguru to your podcast- his wisdom and knowledge are mind blowing.

ankur gaur

Thank u so much sir tomorrow is my exam i dint attend a single lecture of international law.... thanku so much sir..... i will do best.

ken pen

Good talk, but why can’t wee see the whole thing, so disappointed not to see the response and feedback, not to mention those who would join the rebellion as a result of the talk!


The next sentence is true.The previous sentence is false.[Therefore, both are true false at the same time.]

Mr Reece

Went to the lost trades fair this year in Sydney, Best decision I've ever made yet. Keep up the awesome work George

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exam tomorrow thanks for this!


Every time Deen takes over lead vocals, he schools Arnel.Deen understands phrasing.He understands melody.He understands good tone.He understands good vowell production.Arnel can not sing this good when all he has to do is worry about singing. Deen just upstaged Arnel in every possible way.

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Superb explaination

Karl Brundage

I inherited a WWI service ring from my Great Grandfather and a Masonic ring from my father. I want to honor both of these men, but I don't know whether wearing their rings is either authorized (by the order or veterans group) or appropriate.Can you give me some guidance?

Jonathan Hughes

Proverbs 10:31The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tongue shall be cut out. King James Version (KJV) There is no wisdom, in a froward mouth. There will be no peace in a froward mouth, being offended by everything. That mouth with want conflict, and discord.Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

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2/14 Valentines 214 Am I RealRevelation 21:4... Okay, bye Thanks po.

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Is media arts and media studies the same?




in essence, colonization and capitalism.

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