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Mensagem dos Arcturianos - O Chamado

Its hurting my teeth.To ensure equal justice for countries veto power must be banned If veto power exist then no need to have other countries as UN members bcz they have been unable to make positive changes!He is truly is everything a stupid person thinks a smart person is!I think you are the best!Thanks sir video tenseNice video sir ji.I would perfer hear it from you,.

I sang this WAAAAAY back in high school and I'm surprised I still remember ALL the words!I am the mixture of scorpio and leo but more of scorpio.Very good and with full guidance.Sir could aur might mei kiski jyada possibility hain.Check Egyptians and such.You are my favorite teacher.What do you think in your mind when you do exercises in the gym?

These thing are only the ppl in flesh on earth.SERAPHIC - angelic and stunning (adj.Wow so nice video from pakistan.He's playing skate in real life.I think this is wrong.I become lively to watch your videos.One of the smartest class.Nice lady, nice house.The slaver and destroyer of families and culture and history.Thank you so much.

I speak perfect fluently American English,and

I speak perfect fluently American English,and

'the weakest kink' at the end lol.Laci green is such a d cup lezbotron stoner bitch, I hate your dumb face.A bevy of students are speaking to the president of the country.Hello teela i need more ur videos to watch i already watched all of ur videos plz do something extra for usi love the u teach us could u give me mail or another social profile to connect to yourself.Same way I've learnt the esoteric knowledge.Why the leadership of the Department of Transportation needs to be political, as an example.Where you got to learn all the things.Sir ap k lucture boht achy hn thank u.Zerka promoting da ganja.

I thought this was a great video.Whoah guys that was amazing!I remember a psychiatrist giving me permission to not live as I thought my father would have wanted me to.She is amazing ---the world needs more like her!Ap mashallah bahut ache vedieos bany ha mes pak air force test ke mutal be banado english test inteligence test etc thanks chalde bana do zarurat ha.

Bhai kuch problem h vo puchni h

Bhai kuch problem h vo puchni h

I'm from Pakistani.I tried the Mac and cheese and it sucked.But then you're making an unfalsifiable claim and thus, science doesn't want anything to do with it.Very Mitch Hedberg-like!So my brother was 28 when he died, and i am now 32 would that make me the bigger brother now?Alabado sea Israel.

THe only place I've been to that remotely speaks french is Quebec.Whenever I think I'm having a bad day and my life is not what I wanted I listen to her sing she makes me cry every time and I realize my life is not that bad.1) Sanjana would be watching video2)Danish would have watched video3) I think she would felt asleep4)I would meet you that day but I had to go school5)In next 10 minutes you will have watched video.Listo esa columna no molesta mas.That was very onformative.I just found this amazing woman!Amazing video I love how you break it down very clearly.Wonderful supremely made.That is highly unlikely to increase survival probabilities, and everything we see surviving in reality in significant quantity probably has the attribute of increasing the survival probabilities of the system(s) it is part of, over some set of contexts (some of which may be very low frequency).Where is god promise to specially bless Christian with worldly prosperity?

That my dreams would to

That my dreams would to

Our leaders are snollygoster.Such helpful information.Past, present future are all one.Alien: you are not alone in the universethe press: yeah but what are your views on abortion.7In addition to all your other detestable practices, you brought foreigners uncircumcised in heart and flesh into my sanctuary, desecrating my temple while you offered me food, fat and blood, and you broke my covenant.Very good sister.Currently, Unemployed each day it seems like its getting impossible to get hired.Thanks to energetic teachers.Sir thanks to help for us.I've never understood that.

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These are made up by Druidic catholicism which is not Christianity.

Jatinder Jyoti


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go to,K.550%28Mozart,WolfgangAmadeus%29 where you can find the whole score and arrangements for piano.

Loi Anh


Vijay Kumar

My name is Vijay Kumar I want to this is video Hindi and English video I want to

Salt Shaker 24

The universe is a Hologram. No bill has is inside your mind!

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Leena Awomi

Please pray for me I cant feel God's presence anymore

Plugaru C. Sebastian

You make your path by walking it ! Keep it simple !

Ilias Javed Raj

Please make a video on the " Difference between written and Spoken English ".....


Good lecture, Nice view of snowfalling...Thanks.

Da Suge

That explanation is more confusing than the language itself. Im sticking to making up my own interpretations

Aidan Franke

when u thought this was a vape vid....

Hely Pinho

So true..keep up the good work telling the truth brother. Btw I also have a channel here where I've been sharing some messages that God speaks to me :)

Leeber Snowy

Its that second part of the wave that comes blasting through thats so scary!!

Vitali Burkov

Hello Rachel. Thank you so much for your great videos! Could you please make a video about the pronunciation of the "[au]" words like about, down, round, and others both stressed and unstressed?

dexter henderson





I don't feel confused that hydrogen in us is the same as hydrogen elsewhere? it's hydrogen, that's the thing it betha's what it do

Md Alamin

Na Na

Hardcore Absolute Fact:Double Speak = 100% Pure Evil = 100% Criminal intent!!!!!!!

jj Zahid Zahid

U r a charismatic 'n' gr8 teacher

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I want to learn

Saurabh Yadav

Thank you

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