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Id actualy like this god more if he stayed pure evil and owned up to it.STOP STARING AT ME LUCY!Isiliye mainey bhi video bnae hai ispey taki kisi ka future na kharab ho.Really thank you very much.Didn't know Luke Evans knows how to build a cabin.

The problem is, that there is a difference between believing and knowing.For fairly obvious reasons.Suar modi or amit sha pak re gaa inshaAllah.I'm just going to check your pulses"remembers that one time where he accidentally lick his homie's feet.Saagar is a national treasure.Less people having babies.Hi you my bestma,am I like your teachingI from India my name is dear Vijay Gupta bye bye.

I think it would be more useful to use the recognized term vulnerable narcissist.I’m the leaders leader ok, bow to me send me all of your money, you puny whimps.It is your health armor, promise!What’s great about this talk is:1) it shows everyone has unconscious gender bias - even women against other women or like someone once told me everyone with a brain has bias2) It is very actionable: we learn how to recognize unconscious gender bias, so we can correct it!1:44 lol nice sound effect.Y’all watching to many god damn movies.

I'm saying this as a person who

I'm saying this as a person who

Where are the movies at?Sir I need your phone number.I hated this growing up.Metaphysics is the study of Being as such- Aristotle.Interesting lesson.Never thought that kids still sing beautiful songs nowadays.Why is so much of this video a CGI manipulated composite?Can't take him seriously.

His accent gets me headache nice tricks though

His accent gets me headache nice tricks though

Kindly tell me how to write it.Are you serious?Its truly awesome seeing how you have grown.Maybe a little of both.Yale is where Skull And Bones homebase in the USA, they also homebase in Germany, and nowhere else.14 They replied, Some say John the Baptist others say Elijah and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.4 years past letting drugs go.Your friend (finger crossed).PbLearn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons.We are not the center of this Universe.

I feel like I'm the only one

I feel like I'm the only one

Keep up the Good work, thegreatest gift you can give away is your knowledge.(OM) 11 : : "","",,"" "".Me thinks Leonardo was a workaholic.Going to drop a new mix soon after my producer bags and tags just dl this mix sooo dope hella tough.Apostolic succession 2.

Andrew Rivera

It's funny how sometimes they laugh, they go down at the same time

Medarton Nongrum

Your voice was amazing maam

Gary Mcguckin


kingfrey kalumbu

i enjoy your lesson and thank very much to open my mind.

Radhika Chauhan

Happy birthday Awal Bhai

Dinesh dinesh

thanks sir

Hana 2812

My test is tomorrow and I'm really scared and nervous

Superdupper Me

Amharic and tigrigna is spoken by Ethiopians also Eritreans share same language of Ethiopians which is tigrigna and the language is very similar. Amharic and tigrigna is very similar it's like Italian and Spanish can understand it also they use same alphabet call Fidel

Mario A. Garcia

That was a lot more info that I was expecting

Makayla Hollywood

Perhaps there used to be such a thing as healthy narcissism. These days, it appears more of the extremes of Narcissistic personalities.

WhenLifeGives YouLemons

0:56 I thought he was going to be a punching bag for a second

Aisha Ashfaq

I want to eat gold so bad Jks I don't no really I do

Tom Pokorn

Awesome nature of a music :D thks :D

Ted Striker

Does anyone know what exactly the forshaw is?I'm not even sure what the correct spelling is. Is it the launching apparatus or part of the ship?

Tjaard van Ellen

Thank you. Could you please add the spelling of the words in Bengali


Please, would you do exactly the same videos but in spanish?

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