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How to use (WH Words + Ever) However, Whichever, Whatever, Whenever, Whoever? Basic English Speaking

This is beautiful.Pr aap khi khi pr ye bolte hai ki.It has the look of what an acreage should look like.Thank you God from bringing me to this lecture :').Sir the way you teach.

Eh, it’s always the same.Pisces sun, Scorpio rising, aquarius moon.Thanks a lot for making this video.I can't help laughing when you say 'loch'.I really dig currents - if the lyrics were a little more clear and audible would be even more savage.

That perfectly describes me.

That perfectly describes me.

This is the worst electoral system possible to reflect our values!Thanks for what you do!The mitake mushroom was bomb!I had been unemployed for 2 yrs but after seeing this numbers a couple of times I got a job.The most lied about word that lost its meaning.Your so nice and very easy to understand.Yes sometimes the way I delineate my love is so wrong.This was a toungetwister XD.

Sources report diffrent minor major same reasons ruth smith other them mine circumstance medication famtodine.Conan: That was fantastic(very loudly) I'm an American, and I yell when I'm happy.The 32 foot pipes also take time to sound given the amount of air required.Iceland prices are like AUD prices lol nothing scary for me.Thank you Misterduncan.

Juan Pesce

Pink floyd? Wtf

Md. Ashadur Rahman

I Love it

Ali Ikram

Verry nicely speek

Farming and Mercedes Benz

The last girl with beautliful voice only show ing Us never give up on your Dreams no matter whats will happened

Life of Mirror

Aap bahot buddhimaan ho





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