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How to Use Must in English - English Modal Verbs

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How to pronounce Hill vs Heal vs Heel vs He'll?Please upload in use newspaper vocabulary.Maria appoggia le tue mani sul mio capo e guarisci la mia anima Te ne prego.Namaste to the world.

Next the brain will add expectation values to the data to create a best guess and viola, you have cognition.Thanks a lot for this real video!Je m’appelle Genevieve.U should run for some sort of high official.Gordon Ramsey is like that schoolgirl who keeps looking at her her crush.

Wonderful, So Interesting!Barakallahu feekp.Love and light to you both.Why not just I should studied?That's foolishness to me.Only they will exist the robots will and man kind will be dead because the robots would have killed evil man kind for making these robots and then when their is no more skin and man kind and no real life but killing robots that you think we will be existing beside them wich is so false lol.I am not kidding around!Trump will do exactly what the Jews tell him to do.I dont even care.Seriously it's very very helpful for students.

She has the urge to make me look bad so she could look better infront of our parents.Quantum uncertainty.That proclamation by Hitler was a populist message aimed at taking down banksters, media propaganda and and blood thirsty globalism.Amen is an Egyptian sun god who is DEAD.Sephiroth used his supernova attack on the dislike button.And even after all that.Sir, I am an intermediate learner of English, but this video has solved my bigger worry about Gerund and Participle.Best Luck Have a nice day!


3:26 Joey did not get a point but he won

Theremin Lee

I was hoping the host would provide the etymology of the word, "Etymology." :/

Sfalak Sfalak baluch

Asslm O Alaikum Supr sir ....Thnks u like ths fst time dakh rhy h hm apki video

Riyam Hussen

good ,continue ,l am from lraq and. l want to learn english ,anyone in this comment on please advise me.

Cristian Alavez

A huevo muy chingn

Jibon Khan

Now I'm trying to only listen listen listen..

indrajit yein


Thx Sir very much

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