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I would say is just amazing!It's in the essence of duality, but has been corrupted by humans motivated by their own self interests.Really divinely inspired.I think you should run for President.

Is that brie

Is that brie

Hes leading folks to hell.The same meaning can be expressed by using different words.I was kind of shocked by that.Many nders try to explain what it is like on the other side but most say words do it no justice to say the least.What about using "don't" with third person?So yeah, you’re right.Thank you so much but i kinda see T is more R than D.

Very nice sentences.So if the universe is a balloon then what’s in the middle or centre?Do not be deceived!Search for their inner?My name is Hopeful, and I love in Galesbourd.I love DC and go any chance I get, but for those days stuck in the office.Become par video banao sir g.Ur slang so nice.I like how the first song sounds.

Please make more videos on history of English literature.If India is a secular country ban loud speaker which insisting other people to obey Allah.Truthis the answer to the question that causes the physical reality into being.I wonder from which side you will interpret it.Who ever subscribes to me will get 5 to their channel and 2 years of luck Swear on my lifeWhat i say when someone pisses me off I say Talk to me after u can afford a toothbrush It really works.Like if you got it.2018 Nevada High School All-State performed this and it was amazing hearing it for the first time live.Simon kinda licked just and ethan ngl.

If we collect all translations together

If we collect all translations together

It's free energy.Good English speaking.How do i say this umm- WE BRITISH INVENTED THE LANGUAGE ENGLISH.I'd kill whatever created all this evil, I think it's all a disgusting vulgar display of power.Is it possible learning Telugu like English.

Sandeep Kumar Chauhan


Zayn Al

Hello ANNA, I am an Indian High School Student, How can I improve my speaking skill?Many said to watch listen English relatedmaterials but it is not working on me. PLEASE suggest something..By the way you are doing awsome job. I like the way you speak,the way you understand us..Thank You...Lots of love - ZAYN

Fatima Saidu

You r too much.

silver battle

Bhaiya pdf bhi uplabd karva dijiye

Sanne Hellingwerf

it's not sinterklaus but sinterklaas we're not freaking germans


Thanks altimate sir


Can he pronounce this? "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch"



D Corcoran

Joe Biden won't even respect, nor embrace his own blood (grandbaby). That says so much about his compassion towards an innocent person. Yucky,.Joe Biden not every blessing comes wrapped in pretty package. Family should be1


He is awesome Great provider of real information


Hi, Marine. How's everything. Such a compelling clip. Thx a bunch!!

Sabba Zamman

Thanks for video

Kunming Zhou

I thought simon has never had sex

Muku Mharaj

Very nice

Ronie Galas

philipines are GARDEN OF EDEN ... OPHIR, kingdom of mayarlika,,,beacouse of SPAIN and USA now philipines arrive the true identity...

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Nice video . Its valuable help2 office

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