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Superrbbbbbb nice mam.What about mario kart.I have almost if not all of their albums (my N1: Songs From The Wood) in my archive and have watched several live performances here at YT over the years.ASAP Rocky-Rappers rap, artists articulate.Stop talking to introverts.

Honestly, Will you marry me?Thank youl proud and of you sir really you various teacher.36 degrees Celsius?Confuses the masses who to worship.This is gorgeous and I love itp.He's prolific but he's not just recycling his greatest hits.

It is a good video I hope to

It is a good video I hope to

I'm supposed to learn Mandarin, but ended up learning English as I love her American accent,I found myself repeating after her English words lol.He clearlyhas not studied evolution.My Aquarius sun and mercury are in my 3rd house and Pisces Jupiter in 4th i also have Taurus in my 6th and 7th house on some natal charts it’s confusing.Just learned how to tie a tie.(could someone please explain) being someone who's never been to the US,it is a dream to immigrate, but this polarization of the country is terrifying.But many people who've never had the experience of a NDE will tell you that they are NOT real.

I learnt a lot thank you.

I learnt a lot thank you.

I think this is the coolest fuckin thing I've seen on the internet.Qartvelian or Georgian language.Wow, this left me feeling rejuvenated and deeply contemplative.Trpor sobai mile islam ban kora hbe.Ka konjam illa romba aathigamavee help pannunga plzz.I think we've identifieda real life young Rick from Rick and Morty.Sorry but noticed that.I M SO lost, is she saying I am saying these right or fixing the misspoken words?Why don't u level up your skills to lv90.

If youve been waiting years and

If youve been waiting years and

Seriously relaxing horseshit.I want to impove my listening.The same person has no idea of the historical significance of Christianity subduing barbaric paganism.Very very potent and cost efective.But it’s funny though.Brilliant,thanks.Life can't be taken for granted.

Always hated pants like those, guy had a zipper-boner.Thank you so much Michelle!Like if from fevola.All you guys with the innuendo comments - I'm pretty sure these are her kids, they look a lot like her.I just can't get on the books, no one can.Your videos actually helped me a lot since I can't afford any of the expensive GRE online courses.As he is one with the Father I am one with him.Wo kaise jnungi.I am clairsentient.

Dork"ins can shove his meme crap up his ignorant arse and so can the idiots in this vid.Used by businesses to enhance productivity and the general public to better understand themselves.Well Explained Sir.Namaste sirme vishal sit me kon lena chata hun lekin mujhe ye pata nhi ki isme kitna biyaj lagata hsir please 8827530869 call me.Isn't the "rational" stage, which actually does include mathematical and logical reasoning (Wilber says this isn't necessarily included) sort of special?They have 4 or so different types of black holes and as many types of universe.Stuff but, I do know a little about Tesla's 3 6 9 Hz Schumann resonances.Lol the thought of Lennon playing worship music at a church.

What is Mofedest Miracle?I stopped folding my clothes since 6 months.What is on earth, should I invite my ex girlfriend at my wedding for?It is true that a relationship cannot fix the issues and the traumas of oneself and it is best to work on ourselves, instead of looking for happiness through another person.Well, 100 pounds lighter, I now can’t handle the heavy stuff and now I mess around with carving spoons.Buddhism is The Way.That was really great!Who else got serenity?U look well tho brotha.Lol he did not gain 10 pounds of muscle and by all the right areas I’m positive he’s actually talking about his legs.

Kevin Cobb

"Don't believe or disbelieve anything we discuss in Spirit Science." is just to say that although they obviously would like you to believe what they say, they want to appear to morally distance themselves from what they think you believe are the positions of other people who equally would like you to believe what they believe.It is self evident that nobody, including yourself, can force you to believe something you don't. If you're not convinced by certain beliefs, you're just not convinced. If you believe something, just as the Spirit Science Team surely believes and disbelieves certain things they do not absolutely know, then you believe it. That preface is a facade.

Hona Wikeepa

Hello from New Zealand.

daisy c

Thanks a lot! This is what I really need. Although it is hard to remember them, I will try to do

Yonas Tesfu


Malini Roy

Truly lifted spirits. This is what spirituality is about...when you feel you can face anything, anything is possible, you have it in you to create the impossible...just as Wes!!A masterpiece!! Lifted me from.gloom!!! Egged me on to get on with life and defeat all "blues"!


Wait... but the protestant on stage has rejected Aquinas! Lol

Renan Lima

13:19,16:52 OMG, OMG, OMG


Thanks mam...but plz use a bit bigger font....otherwise difficult to make notes

mohamd mlg90



I boycott almost everything!I see people who can't sit still for 30 seconds and do something good that harms all of us.Spraying us like bugs to transform us?They all need to hang and their heads on spikes!There is no 'movement' to stop it or we'd have done so.You speak to the deaf that will never have enough critical thinking to know how this is killing us for a few crazed mentally ill scientists!

Pilar Blanco

So we should say information is worth dying for


2019 anyone?

Nuova Luce

Breathtaking even seven years later...<3


Oh ffs.Hank if you went to the dr for some general med advice it might be great that he offered a 46 part survey of medicine. But ought to start and end and include constantly I throughout the middle his clear concise expert opinion wtf is the diagnosis.We are life. Thus life has value.All value is based upon that.All decisions try to weigh and chose between diff parts of life.Do yr best to live and chose.

Rafael Soto

Very good. Thanks


Anyone's name that ends with stein is a born liar deceiver

lal senrath

I would like to add. Wittgianstian the most modern philosopher says knowledge is the result of language, or the result of communication among humans. I can give an example from Sri Lanka, maybe it will be the case to a lesser context in most of the countries. In Sri Lanka everything is decided by competitive exams. It has become so bad, intelligence paper is answered by memorizing sample answers in tuition classes. We have grade 5 scholarship exam, O/L, A/L, degree, then all government services recruited by competitive exams. What is wrong with this? The success in exams don't result in knowledge, why? As I said first knowledge need communication. The competition (in exams) block communication, why? This examinationprocess starts at very tender age 10, then child learns that if my friend knows more than me, he is my enemy, and I should guard against letting him know what I know. This gets really bad when competitive exams are used in the recruiting process in the job market. So everyone goes to a shell, he learns what he can from books and web, but don't talk about what he learned with his pears.

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