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Thank you it help me to write homework.It'svery useful for meThank you so much.How do I stop wanting, or maybe better, expecting to hear I love you here and there?You are already blessed for being here.

Very innovative, Creative and out of

Very innovative, Creative and out of

I have weird dreams every once and a while.It's like treating the symptoms without removing the cause of the disease.About use in English it's meaning in Hindi.HI Alex This mail is regarding video which you made, I'm happy to seen your video.Most of time they are under depression and mental warfare.Sir aap acha teach katvaye ho.Nicelearning English best video.

You do it as great for the beginners as you do for us, from upper intermediate to pretty bilingual.America 11 elderly nursing home patients.How I can talk to you.Not hating on 1 Million Tests!It's honestly sad.I think ta-ta means "bye".Please make more such videos on vocabulary madam.

PbKnnia Oliveira.You'll never find another like me, starlight.Society recommends a punishment for those that break laws through an agreement of laws through social order, that while you (the villain) may have felt you had no recourse but to kill or steal or whatever, due to mental illness, bad childhood experience, poor diet or any number of reasons that you had NO control over (of course) we, each different society, also have no recourse but to recommend a punishment for breaching social rules.Beautiful accurate Taurus sun Capricorn moon Scorpio rising.Lololol I still love it!( please using the right click of your mouse,and Open Link in Next Private Window,)Modern Cynics are also a political force.It is pronounced Thank you.M falling short of words!My mother has Alzheimer's, and she isamazing with all these videos!Also gave me the Sweet Home Alabama vibe.

Crazy Fangirls shipping these two heterosexual boys smh.You guys should hear the original Cohen version.I'm not arguing that we don't have equally poor cognitive biases but simply that they are different ones.  THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS INEVITABLE BUT WHAT HAPPENS FROM NOW THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE PROCESS IS ENTIRELY UP TO US.Murder these bastards.Sounds Like Chicken A Cappella is singing this TONIGHT in concert.Not informative.How did the 'wrong' way ever develop, I wonder?You are my favourite teacher ever since I saw your video.And, what is more important for us, we make so many new contacts.

nahid alam

so useful will be helpful for me

shikhar gupta

why do you look like an evangelist talking about science. Amazing video btw

Tammy Green


feng lin

I think this bro bro is so good he is better than the game and got his own event

Legend Farhad

I’m proud of you.thanks

Dr chukuma


sakshi shukla

Nice teach sir

Nakkazi Annet

Oh, Lucy darling. Thank you so much. Everything you bring on the table is just grand.


This guy is the Billy Mays of chemistry

Simply Engineered

These videos are so clearly bs I'm amazed people can even believe them.! Must have no understanding about cooking or physics.. Or common sense? Seems so strange


Hey, you know you can not monetize your video, right?

Kelvin Pang

Thanks for your kindness

Moon Dvno

xD.. really funny, you're so creative...

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