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:)Greetings from Brazil.(ii) i do not watch video.I like the way you talk.Definition unclear, my house is on fire and my cat is stuck in there.

God has Created everything and everyone and God will save all souls someday after they have Learned and Paid for all their Sins and Repented of them.It may help you, it may help others, it may help everyone or just one person.Absolutely "T" for TREMENDOUS.I love this channel!Issh basi kotha bola.

Sir please make a videos about tense all detail please make it sir I exited so much watch it.So you're a guy talking about the universe as if you know how it works, what it is and how it moves.H1N1 (swine flu)was not declared a national emergency until1000 people died including 100 kids and a million infected in the US alone.Aren't we supposed to be kind and show respect?If you agree with me please like.I cried seeing this live and caught a nice pink gator guitar pick after.The only way to prevent the suffering of a new being is by not procreating one.

The people who disliked this are

The people who disliked this are

, and my biggest.:) You know, there's lots of snow most part of the year in Siberia, Russia!However, as it is written: What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him 1 CORINTHIANS 2:9.TechEd being my government teacher beyond school lol.Eric has a sexy voice.I always enjoy hearing well mixed Speed style sets from people not named Bukem or Fabio.Of course can have to keep secret that saturated fats are used to convert it to fatty acids.However, it is better not to use the e.Because while learning, it bores a bit when you already know the stuff.Not big fanilies like austronesian but maybe small like sakartvelian languages and basque.

How long does Mercury stay in each house?I can understood everything in your video thanks a lot.Eros is a feeling i have when i'm watching this video that man's freaking hot!T h i s s i s s c a r y.Why are we currently assuming free will must somehow be contained in, or is part of,our consciousness?To be honest, I don't care what you call the vlog as long as you keep uploading those amazing surfing clips and evrey once in a while you take the time to explain some interesting the way you did with the wipeout or the dock dives.Maybe he doesn't understand English.Sir pleasemake sentence.

And he really reaches the height of being almost unwatchable at 1:00.Too bad you jumped on the shaky cam bandwagon.Pls clear it again.I need one with Arabic to English and English to Arabic in the same book.Giving up is not an optionKeep going that will pay off.When it's great classical musis what is GAY CULTURE?

Yes, great you

Yes, great you

I just have one last important question.You have a very distinctive female energy about you.The military won’t waste time and money for nothing, their working fir our advantage and dominance!Please tell what will happen if we do video call while remaining inertial.Libra and Scorpio relationship made a video please.Simply fascinating.

Shawn Lecrone

But time IS everything happening at once.

dalia rishon

The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Live)

Suhail Ehmad

A mesmerizing technique of teaching! wish you sustain. GRATEFUL

Ajeetkumarjeni Kumar

Very nice


Terrific stuff. How about a complete song/artist list?


Wonderful information, though it's simple it matters..

Val Tito

cifu I am aikido and I'm afraid you are not the only one. most of your instructions I teach in my class. especially the blind side, and elbow control. blessings!

Hu Anh Ph

Awesome Mr Duncan!!


Love you forever Whitney ,most beautiful star of the sky ......

Joe Jones

"I'm still runnin against the wind." In 2020.

Zohaib Kiran

I also search this type of page so today i found it thanx a lot its really help me as well......

pushpendra singh

Your videos are always amazing.

Lavkush Verma

Thanks maidam

zakaria rana

Ok dada.

Osama Fawzy

I respect you so much, Stifani. My kind regards from Egypt.

DM rodzi

Keep lov and hope alive!! Be strong

Mazari TV

. !

Nathan Turn

I love dark meoew


It would be interesting to cover a video on when black people become non-slaves. The moment when they were no longer declared slaves and how it happened. Is that when segregation popped up? Or was it before then? I'm not from the US but see a lot of the media, I'd like to know more about it.

Brijesh Singh

i most like your video super........

Luvi Abdulpur

Very good

Santram Bakliwal

You are gorgeous

Mr Moazzem


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