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CFA Level 1 | Fixed Income | Valuation | Sanjay Saraf Sir

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That is an amazing team of trainers, school

That is an amazing team of trainers, school

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Theresa Taylor-Libby

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Art? It just looks like someone who is a shit graffiti artist making a mess all over . Looks like a huge seagull had a shit

Marife Sabit

Thank you so much for this video. I just started bio and this really confuse me. I read the book and listen to the lecture, but this 12:22 minof video makes it clear in my head. God bless you sir!

ken wood

What a talent! Thanx for sharing

Elnur Zergerov

Very useful and helpful lesson. Thanks a lot.

Smitha S

Nice thanks

John Labus

This is really interesting, and a terrific brief lesson. Thanks!My family all came to the USA in the late 1800s, and all of them were Slavs.They were Poles, Rusyns (Lemkos), and Croats.While all were among the greater Slavic community, they are divided by Western, Eastern and Southern Slavs. Further complicating it is the injection of religion as cultural markers. Poles are most often Roman Catholic, while my Lemko family was Ukrainian Greek Catholic.In the Balkan countries that once made up Yugoslavia, you have Roman Catholics, Muslims and Eastern Orthodox creating huge cultural divisions among people who have more genetically in common than they'd like to believe they do.These religious markers are starkly aligned to how Yugoslavia was divided into different countries after the 1990s Balkan wars.Religion seems to meet the requirements of heritage and culture to further define/refine ethnicity.In the case of the Slavs, Is it fair to say that religion has created sub-ethnicities?

Philippe Cirse

The expressive power of the sound architecture breaks with any form of transcription of the real to attach itself to the expression of an serene universe. Colors and rhythm of these compositions are a language that gives life to the listener’s exaltation !

mohamed lbassir

I haf ta thank ya


Dizzy on the road:Schnittke is the Gillespie of the classics.

Muhammad Nawaz

very good lecture dear sir

New Era

I am in 3rd grade and I can spell all the words except mountain

Albert Kundrat

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If you are told that there is wisdom among the [secular] Nations of the World, believe it. But if you are told thatthere is [knowledge of] Torah among the [secular] nations of the World, do not believe it ....

Chuck Valdovinos

Remember you cannot talk about Chicago is illegal for law-abiding citizens to own firearms there ,only the criminals are allowed to have firearms.

Yade khan


Yayan Jomplang

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Karan Bhargav

Sir school accounts ke bare me bataye

checky monkey

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SixRaven Eight

Joeys shoulders are so beautiful.

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