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BIGGEST BEER FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD! Oktoberfest 2017 Munich, Germany

Queso, queso, queso Mantequilla mantequilla.SM 58 always wins and i dont understand why.The confusion starts from 8:18.It's very simple" "I didn't say this was evidence" Nice.DON BRADMAN WAS NOT ENGLISH HE WAS AUSTRALIAN U FAKE CRICKETER. and 99% of all of these MILLIONS of NDE describe the same thing.

Grof's work informed the beginning ofmy own awakening process 30 odd years ago.Love you and all your videos Mia!When a slave defeats master because of thenorth.ALEXD brought me to come here.But Chuck Schumer makes direct threats at 2 Supreme Court Justices and nobody demands an apology from Schumer?

Meet a NEW perfect DAY Positively!Check this equilibrium point video experiment sai bat kar riya hen.I need ur support frnd.E, starting from om bhoor.Thanks from italy.

D'arcy is missed.' In this instance, Ralph should not be pronounced 'Ralf' but in fact 'Raif' as it derives from Old English.Joey should of won the human.Thank you for dropping gems!Urdu is literally same as that of Hindi,at least by speech.You accused me for nothing.

It's all irrelevant to what he is

It's all irrelevant to what he is

I live near FAU and i see these from time to time.Future not feature.4yo project kid: "I'll steal that!Why can't they control his mouth?The Illuminati is so powerful that they're taking over everything.From Brahma was born, lord Maheshwara.'Right bad, left good'.842 dislike they want poor people sucess na ho ye vahi log ho sakte h jo dislike krte or.

You guys should collaborate

You guys should collaborate

If you spoke like that where I grew up (in Brooklyn), you'd have your ass kicked!Sir I am confuse about marxist and marxian.JJ looks soooo depressed at the start!Easy: An American instrument for Global Dominance.Python ki book ka pdf chahiye Sir.This was really helpful I really needed this info It didn’t even waste my time It was worth watching it ( ) thank u.Very good job thanks a lot!NoGreat thank you very muchSeinfeld music plays.Great videos of hard work of archaeology no doubt!

I'm SO glad that Humpty

I'm SO glad that Humpty

Very simple and precise.Giraffe giraffes giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf giraf.This works until the thing you’re scared of actually happens.I'm not interested in any "special knowledge" he had.I just loved your ideas about my personality I am extremely happy and I will be keep watching and liking.Amazing video sirKeep it up.I want to learn urdu but how?

Thank you Polina.The end of peace and freedom.Your way to teach is great!Dear Teacher I invitedyou to Uzbekistan!Monosyllabic marvel.Thanks it was really helpful some of the video are boring this video is fun a lot :).9% of the whole population while Pacific Islanders make up 0.Keep up with the good work.Many prominent scientists have tried to separate science as the foundation of all knowledge.Now 51, but what a fuckin rush the 90s were.

Morela Vought

I was waiting eagerly the return of the Word Stop! Thank you!

sumayya binti ayub

the common people of Philippines are very warm hearted. but the atmosphere is polluted a bit as compared to my valley but I think it's bearablelove from northern Pakistan


Its not versachi its versache

cleber vicente

Quieta moo! This video is very good.


I hate learning English through a board.

khaliq scorpio

I asked the girl.will u marry me ?she didn't say,yeaor nay,,, she took off shoe threw at me..

Ajith.k Shanthipura

Nice voice ,attractive voice towards

Lina Arj

Great ! Does anybody know the title of the music at the end of the video ?

Iram Mirza

It's v help full video plz I want to see 2 part of this video thanks.

I need help in learning EnglishI have understanding, reading, writing and speakingwhat should I do

Anshu Kesarwani

Python ki book ka pdf chahiye Sir

Ankit Yadav


Vika Lama

fb ID "Arju jangali "

Stella Ugochi

A reader lives a thousand lives while a non reader lives once. If u want to keep a secret from a black man, put it in a book. I love to read not for entertainment but to discover endless opportunities that transforms a person's life positively and better. If you ask a person when last have you read a book and the person tells u in his or her university days. You need to read and upgrade your mindset.

Moana S

I feel like this msg was a confirmation. Mahalo and Aloha

kam shaft

ar 15 will solve this

game playing channel

Khup chan

Eeshan Gupta

thank you... very well explained

Paloma Espinosa

Its good but is very fast. It possible more slow please.

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