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Basic introduction to Esoteric Wisdom

Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon was a great drinking game in college - I figured out Im only 5 degrees separated!Thank you very much.The dog who dances is so cute.By June of my 31st year of life I was an Atheist.Thanks for video.Is it weird that I can feel this all the way from my bed.

Absolutely beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful.

Atfirst beclear then onlytrytoteach.China forced Uyghuric woman to give men a hand, now nobody wants to give China a helping hand.Warren Buffett loves telling the sheeple to buy, buy, buy stocks, because it boosts his earnings.I have watched several of your videos in the last two days.Sir pls differentiate between get to know and come to know.Love the vital energy coming off the sacred words and sounds.

LIES I TELL YOU!Hey karate nerd!This is the bestvideo i Seen and i belived it help me much to speak or write!OMG Digimon feels.Didnt understand a shit.

Thank-you mam for this video.It is our beautiful earth.Is it better to say fought or tought if i cant spell thought?Richard Dreyfuss, John the Baptist (hears voices).I don’t care if anyone shaved or if they don’t, as long as they aren’t shamed into it like my ex did for years, he even shaved from head to toe.

Super Anna your talk.Thank you for everything you do.The British label "Hindu" now denotes a people governed by Periyarism, Ambedkarism, High Courtism and Supreme Courtism.Wow, so true, love you ma'am.I have an interest in studying Etymology.Keep pushing that Peace message MIA.A truly liberated sadhaka must transcend all 50 vrittis or propensities before he is totally free from physical, mental and spiritual bondage.They had in my opinion finally found there sound now loving it guys good job 3.

Vijaya Vijaya

learn meaning telugu what


A waste of an intro...get to the song...cut out the wasted vid part...its useless


You can throw Norway in there as one of the happiest and least religious countries. The only reason it is not, is that by default by birth, a newborn is added to the Norwegian State Church. There are very few actual Christians..

Dhruva Shah

4 things the richest 1% of the world do almost every day:- Breathe- Eat- Sleep- Think


Hlo Mam I am very weak in reading module last time I got 5 band in reading plz help me

shivam garg

Sir ap spoken English par puri playlist banye plss...... And tense me bhi..

Peasley C

It was good while it lasted, before Coronavirus...

reeva chawla

tnx sir , sir criminal law k upr vedio bna rkhi ho to link send krdo


Thanks to you teacher of teaching us? I Happy about teaching me with online YouTube channel

Lil Miss Epic

I love this! =D Thanks for the upload.

John Tomlin

And if you are married and if another girl would happen to catch your eye by the way what she does Axe looks then you should maybe talk to your wife if she doesn't act that way or something and ask her would you like to try this keep the adventure keep New Opportunities open to bond with your wife and husband but I believe no one should go out on their husband or wife if someone does Love's their spouse everyday is nothing but an adventure everyday is to learn something new doesn't matter how small or how big and everyday will be with that person a new adventure in itself but I just wanted to tell you I love listening to you so much you can really tell that you speak from your heart I pray that God blesses you so much thank you

Shri Krishna

Sir, I want to improve my reading and writing english but how i don't know.

kamlesh kumar

dear sir i am in pharma company as a MR but non confirm from last thirteen months sir can i eligible for bonus

joyce awuah


PlaZma Kenny

Joey: that’s why I’m singleMe, watching in 2020, knowing he’s married now: you have done well young Padawan


my best friend is gemini with scorpio rising :D

Azin Ghodrati

thank u very much


Trump 2020!

Beebo! At the Disco

Aww, my cat just started sleeping on her back with her belly up about a week ago. I didn’t know what it meant, I just thought it was cute. (She’s a little under a year old)


This is the best video on youtube.

Renu Rani

Superb video......

Danish khan

Nice video super

josh taylor

Tutankhaten then Tutankhamen

Pamela F

This is urgent I need study info in mushroom and pancreatic cancer my sister has I need contact or info in where to start

A Google User

Very nice... Thank you!! My favorite would also have to be ongapotch and balabustah (sorry- i realize the spelling is way off!). For the record though, I think ALL Yiddish words are terrific and HILARIOUS. If anyone can "kibitz" with me...feel free to inbox me. Thanks again - it's refreshing to finally come across an authentic yiddish video clip. :)))

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